We Pole Dance Studio on Tallinna linnasüdames asuv fitness-stuudio, mis on pakkunud postitantsu trenne alates 2013. aasta juunikuust. Osaleme aktiivselt erinevatel postitantsu võistlustel ja üritustel üle Eesti ning korraldame ka ise aastaringselt etendusi. Meil on väikesed grupid, individuaalne lähenemine igale trennisviibijale ja treenerite mitmeaastane kogemus.

We Pole Dance Social Media-22

Stuudio omanikud ja treenerid stuudio esimesest päevast on Jelena ja Tiia.

We Pole Dance treeningud koosnevad erinevatest akrobaatilistest elementidest, tantsukavadest, keerleva ja staatilise posti spin’idest ning venitustest. Koos meie treeneritega aitame Sinu sisemisel naiselikkusel, tugevusel ning enesekindlusel särada. Usume, et postitants on fantastiliselt lõbus viis enda vormis hoidmiseks. Tule ja veendu selles ka ise!

Treenerite tutvustus (inglise keeles):

We Pole Dance Social Media-20

Tiia teaches Pole dance and Exotic classes, Pole dance instructor since 2013. Tiia is very strict to herself and the students, always setting new challenges and trying out the most difficult tricks (yes, all the girls Russian splits, cocoons and iron Xs are Tiia’s achievements as well), she will definitely make sure you do the move not only correctly but also beautifully!
Tiia’s the main passion before pole dance was yoga, which also resulted in many different travels, the most memorable to India. Besides being an athlete, she is just a gorgeous lady, interested in fashion and style.

We Pole Dance Social Media-21

Jelena teaches Pole dance, Pole choreography and Stretching classes, Pole dance instructor since 2013. Estonian pole dance championship 2012 – 1 place. Besides pole Jelena has 1 year experience in aerial silks and about 4 years in different social dances like salsa. Her biggest passion besides dancing, has always been studying different languages and travelling. Now, being a mom, life has changed dramatically, but settling down is actually what made the studio dream a reality. So no regrets! 

Dear girls, who come to our classes, you are our biggest treasure, your progress and support is what’s keeping the studio alive! We love to see you perform or compete, dance or manage a new combo! And of course, we wouldn’t manage without our amazing instructors: Anastasia, Helen, Kalli, Yoko and Maria, who help us with pole dance, choreography, exotic and stretching classes! 📸 our instructors:

We Pole Dance Social Media-15We Pole Dance Social Media-10We Pole Dance Social Media-11We Pole Dance Social Media-2We Pole Dance Social Media-7

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